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Half Rainbow Necklace

Half Rainbow Necklace


For all our proud and precious people <3


This wee necklace is cut from beautiful walnut wood and then hand painted in our workshop. We top it with Resin which adds a dome effect shine and keeps it extra protected. All of the Silver is Sterling Silver to help keep it safe and problem free for sensitive skin.


Go on, treat yourself! It will come to you dressed up in one of our cute wee gift boxes, easy to wrap up in paper or gift to someone else exactly as they are!


This necklace is pretty durable but try not to get it too wet! It is wood after all. Being hand made from natural materials does mean that yours may look slightly different from the photos here, each one is unique and every piece of wood has its own grains and patterns. They are all beautiful! And we strive for perfection in every piece.


If you are not happy with them for any reason at all please do contact us!! We would love to make things right ðŸ˜Š


As always 10% of profit from these wee gems goes to charity LGBTQIA+ and Environmental charities :)

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