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Hello from All the Colour!

We are a small family-run business from our workshop in Broughty Ferry, Dundee where we design and create our own pieces as well as offering  laser cutting services to other crafters and makers.

Our creations are inspired by nature. From the delicate lines of leaves to the captivating shapes of shells, we draw inspiration from the beautiful, wonky, natural shapes of the world. We find it fascinating how these all underlined through geometry.

Without a doubt our main material used is wood. We believe in cherishing and crafting materials into something that not only celebrates their beauty but also carries a piece of nature's story. From our fully recycled and recyclable acrylic to fabrics made from plastic bottles, we strive to use materials that reflect our commitment to sustainable practices and the environment.

We really believe in using our business to create a positive impact so proudly support environmental initiatives and LGBT charities, donating 10% of all our profits.

Explore our collection, where every piece holds a piece of nature, and every purchase makes a difference.

We make wee gems, to remind us we are all wee gems.

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