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Wee Pal

Wee Pal


The perfect gift! Fits perfectly inside a card


These are made from walnut wood, a drop of resin and a wrist band made from recycled plastic water bottles! A wee present to send some love to someone you do.


Choose between the sentimental poems or a blank speech bubble your own message, and let somebody know you care about them, whilst also supporting us and our charities!


As always 10% of profit from these wee gems goes to LGBTQIA+ and Environmental charities :)


These wee pals are pretty durable but try not to get them too wet! They are wood after all. Being hand made from natural materials does mean that yours may look slightly different from the photos here, each one is unique and every piece of wood has its own grains and patterns. They are all beautiful! And we strive for perfection in every piece.


If you are not happy with them for any reason at all please do contact us!! We would love to make things right 😊


Full Poems:


1. This is a wee pal of mine, he comes with special meaning

To remind you that you're my friend every single time you see him

So wear him on your wrist, or hang him in your car

And let him be reminder of how really great you are


2. Its a trouble having friends in life that live so far away

And I'd like to remind you almost every single day

That though we're far apart, in my heart you're oh so close

So when I can't be with you here's a pal to wave hello


Wristband Colour
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